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Updated: 7 days ago

Good evening to all my readers from a cold, damp UK, where the term 'April Showers' seems to be taking the proverbial, so to speak...

Here, the sun only appears in the evening when all good folk are indoors, blogging. Right now, the blackbird is revelling in the eventide glory, trying hard to convince me, through his trilling song, that proper spring is just around the corner.

So, may I introduce a new painting today, WITH THE QUIET PRIMEVAL SUN; while not really a 'sunny' painting, I know what I mean by the title, which is in fact a quotation from a poem I wrote late last year. Abstract art, remember, needs no meaning. It does not depict. It conveys and stimulates emotion; that is its meaning.

I wrote the poem while sitting on a deserted university campus for the first time in forty-one years, in the depths of winter; so make of the quotation, and the painting's title, what you will.

I am fascinated by and drawn to the use of shifting tones and hues, and by a minimal palette. I don't like to confuse the eye with phantasmagorical plethorae of jostling colours, though I am aware that sometimes I do so. As anyone knows who reads this column, 'my' paintings take charge of themselves, so who am I to blame if things take me on a Magical Mystery Tour? Thus, while the Beatles musical cornucopia of that name pulses provocatively in the other room as I write tonight, I offer you a picture that presents some throbbing, swirling, secret blues, and a burning orange bassline.

New large acrylic abstract painting by acclaimed artist Haydn in blue and red


Now for some news on a forthcoming exhibition. Alongside the ongoing 'Haydn Room' which is a semi-permanent fixture at Lambdens of Woburn and the soon-to-be-announced showing of the framed 'MANIFESTATION QUARTET' at Molasses House in Harpenden, let me me alert you to the following:

Poster for Flamstead Arts Festival Flamstead Hertfordshire June 2024

Flamstead is a beautiful, ancient village in Hertfordshire. I am delighted to report that I have been invited to exhibit in a new venture in the village, in the form of an Arts Show featuring, alongside live music performances and more, an exhibition and sale of paintings by eight acclaimed artists.

As shown in the image above, the Festival runs from 6th to 9th June this year. Paintings are to be exhibited in St Leonard's Church. I aim to exhibit at least at least twelve paintings (all of them for sale), some large and some 'small but perfectly formed', a term that is, delightfully, at least two hundred years old and was not coined – as is often assumed, by Pamela Stephenson in NOT THE NINE O'CLOCK NEWS.

Do contact me here at 'Artfully Towers' for more information about the Flamstead show, and I hope to see you there. Meanwhile, enjoy that 'Primeval Sun', when it finally puts in more than a token appearance.

EXHIBITION NEWS AND A NEW PAINTING Copyright Haydn Dickenson 2024


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