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Firstly, thank you all for your support both new and ongoing, which means a lot to me.

I apologise for the relative lack of posts recently, due to family visits and some personal preoccupations.

Looking at my 'stats' over the past six months that I have been writing, it is interesting to note the quite dramatic fluctuation in viewing figures between my various posts.

I thought it could be interesting to invite from you, my readers, some input as to what you might like to read – any topics for discussion, and subjects related to abstract art or to art in general that you feel might provoke debate. So, I eagerly await your suggestions!

Don't worry – I have plenty of subjects lined up for exploration on this page but, today, I'd like some input from you!

Do write to me on the site – it could be about a specific artist, or about my own work, or indeed anything that piques your interest, artwise.

Send me a comment on the site and let's start debating!

In the meantime, I offer you a small meditation, a small 30 x 25 painting made this week in oils.

A+S GRIBOUILLAGE (2023) - Haydn Dickenson

Spring is in the air, but that doesn't have to mean pinks, yellows and greens. Blue is a colour of communication, of the mind, spirit and intellect and is thus a colour of great positivity and strength for what lies ahead.

Copyright Haydn Dickenson 2023

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