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For any newcomers who have not seen this evening's newsletter, please do subscribe!

To those who have already seen the newsletter, please forgive me for the repetition!

May I kindly point you in the direction of Iologies Fine Art where you can purchase all or any of my original paintings, or fine art prints of them, or limited edition signed prints of them – to suit your budget.

The sale of original canvases is a new departure for Iologies, and I am honoured to have been taken on recently by this dynamic and forward-looking publishing-house which is run by a really visionary team.

Through Iologies I have already been commissioned by a multi-award-winning film maker to produce the promotional images for what promises to be a superlative short film of stunning power and impact. I am finishing the painting almost as I write. I can't share details of the film yet, but, as they say, watch this space!

Please share details of Iologies' site with your friends.

Go to HOME, then CONTEMPORARY, then ABSTRACT to see me – ok here's the link anyway You can read lots about me on the HOME page too

To buy, click on any image to see the product page, together with PayPal purchase options.

In 'blog years' this post is now older than I am – ok, have a guess, or count the posts if you can be bothered! Maybe do the latter and then you'll see any articles that you've inadvertently missed!

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