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Greetings to all my followers at what really should be the beginning of Spring here in the UK – how is it in your other respective countries? In my home, neither winter clothes nor the winter duvet have been packed away yet...

Another shameless plug today, I'm afraid. I'll get back to art history, art criticism and my usual psychology/mysticism-based slant on art soon, I promise; but for today, some good and some less good news.

Sadly, the full gallery solo exhibition of my work at Molasses House about which I wrote in my last post, has been postponed (I trust in that word, rather than 'cancelled'). I must add that this is no reflection on the gallery owner but is due to circumstances beyond his or my control, currently.

However, four of my pieces – as illustrated last time around in this column – have been displayed at Molasses House, to favourable reaction, and have now gone off to be framed for re-inclusion in the gallery's collection in ten to fourteen days time, I hope. I will report back.

Back in December 2023, through my representatives Iologies Fine Art, I entered into a collaboration with a wonderful little Cafe-Bistro in Woburn, Bedfordshire, UK. Lambdens Cafe-Bistro is stunning 'best-kept-secret' in the glorious picture-postcard village of Woburn, right next to Woburn Abbey, Deer Park and Safari Park.

Lambdens of Woburn Cafe and Bistro, Woburn High Street

The Bistro nestles in an idyllic Georgian high street, close to the Woburn Art Gallery where I have exhibited on two previous occasions and on whose website I still have a presence.

At Lambdens, an entire room in this captivating, cosy and very classy bistro is dedicated to my work and is eponymously titled, 'The Haydn Room'. In it, you can sit and enjoy acclaimed cocktails and an eclectic cuisine, surrounded by fifteen of my original paintings, all of which are for sale. A brochure of my work is available in the room.

THE HAYDN ROOM - general view

Large and small paintings in the Haydn Room

Small painting in the Haydn Room

Two large paintings in the Haydn Room

Publicity on this venture has been slow, but I am now in a position to share details and images, as you can see above. Lambdens – who are quite new to Woburn – do not yet have a website, but if you care to follow me on Instagram at and, indeed, Lambdens at, you will be able to read more both about the Bistro and about me.

Rumour has it that – although all work at Lambdens is currently for sale already – certain pieces are due to be auctioned soon at a special event at the Bistro – with a percentage of proceeds going to charity; so, if you want to pick up a piece at a special price, best keep your ear to the ground and mail me here at Artfully Abstracted Towers for details!

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