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Updated: Nov 17, 2022

What is the origin of this phrase that trips so lightly off the tongue? I associate it most closely with Pamela Stephenson's tongue-in-cheek description of herself, she who was part of the iconic UK 1980's 'Not The Nine O'Clock News' comedy outfit, but maybe it holds more archaic references. Answers on the proverbial postcard, please!

I'm known primarily for fairly large abstract paintings. My painting style, particularly in acrylic work, tends towards 'action painting' in the tradition of the Abstract Expressionists. I favour large areas in which to work, urgent gestures, fast movement, outbursts of turbulent mark-making that I see as 'chance-but-not-chance'.

Recently though, I've been leaning towards smaller pieces. I like to challenge myself, take myself out of my comfort zone. I don't want to stand still in my painting.

For various reasons, I am currently reflecting on many elements from my childhood, adolescent and adult past, both precious and painful. I want to make sure that my present outpourings – and that is what they are, for Art is a channel for the soul – reflect and communicate change, evolution, growth, learning.

I recently found, hidden away in my studio, some old, small, acrylic-painted canvases. They were mediocre, but they sat in beautiful rustic limed frames.

Out came the canvases from the frames and I set about reincarnating them as bold statements in oil impasto.

Here they are and, in their intensity and concentration, I would like to think that they deliver an emotional punch on a par with my larger work.

CLOUDS IN THE WAY OF THE SKY (2022). Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas. 40 x 30 cm

SLOW DANCE (2022). Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas, 37 x 37 cm

My agent tells me that 'small' is the way to go for the moment, so I'm happy to comply! And, indeed, I'm delighted to report that some of my smaller pieces have just been accepted for an Exhibition in February 2023 at the Woburn Art Gallery

Watch this space for more details on Woburn, other impending gallery presences, innovative merchandise and collaborations and more (including my artwork being commissioned for a ground-breaking experimental film – the first time ever for an abstract artist!)

Thanks as always for checking in!

Copyright Haydn Dickenson 2022


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