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As you all know, I like to keep posts coming on a roughly weekly basis, sometimes even more enthusiastically even than that!

Here's one for tonight then but, with apologies, its just a first airing of a new painting I completed this evening; it's a very muggy 30 degrees here in the south of England – I love it, but it's still a shock to the system for us Brits. Too hot to write about anything deep tonight!

After a visit to a prominent gallery in the Cotswolds a couple of weeks ago, feedback from there indicated that I should persist with my ongoing series of 30 x 25 cm paintings with a view to possible inclusion in an upcoming exhibition.

So, here is the latest in that series.

SUNDAY GRIBOUILLAGE - Haydn Dickenson 2023

I'm currently exploring spatial relationships within confines; shapes that are both sensual and rotund yet somewhat constrained, sectors of colour that balance cool with heated, and that rub shoulders but sometimes don't quite touch.

I'd love some reactions to this painting – a few of you are brilliant at bouncing back impressions and so on, so please don't stop!

Oh, and you can still buy OUT ON THEE, SEEMING at the Woburn Gallery, which has described the painting as “extremely impactful”.

Off to water my tomatoes now!

Copyright Haydn Dickenson 2023


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Unknown member
Jun 25, 2023

My response to this is strong and immediate. A positive image for me - the vitality and joy of the yellow, crowned with a barely-contained passion of red - this is rising forward, behind what is colourless and dark, but not apparently restricted in any way by it. The life of the painting for me is in an expanding phase, irregularly-shaped warmth filling the space and growing.

Haydn Dickenson
Haydn Dickenson
Jun 26, 2023
Replying to

Thank you for a most perceptive and illuminating reading of my painting.

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