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I am aware that it's been a while since I last posted. I have had a few worries and preoccupations. I was also laid low with persistent laryngitis and a chest infection for nearly five weeks. Even writing required more energy reserves than I could muster and, whereas normally I would knock out articles for this column with feverish energy and in the white heat of creativity, in recent weeks my brain would typically atrophy after one paragraph. I abhor clichés so let's not call it 'writer's block'.

Here I am then, with a post unlike my habitual style. In Post no 42 I wrote of my reluctance to 'puff myself up', preferring to retain a more 'Art History and Opinion' style in my column, with only occasional reference to my own work. News of exhibitions and so on would be announced, more typically, in newsletters (also not so regular of late – sorry!)

Today's 'off-piste' article is simply to announce the departure from my studio tomorrow of some twenty-six paintings destined for an exhibition in a rather exciting new gallery.

As it happens, some of the paintings illustrated in will be featured in this new exhibition.

I'm excited about this prospect. More details will emerge in a newsletter once dates are finalised.


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