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No, not me – I passed the half-century a long time ago, but this blog; in a few posts' time we'll have reached 50 together! Thank you all so much for your support, and please keep sharing the site.

Apologies once again for a recent slight scaling-back on posts, and on their content. I'm in a slightly strange head-space at present with some personal issues going on, and I don't currently have the appetite for deep and searching writings of the type that I was at least trying to achieve a few weeks and months ago.

Today then, I would simply like to offer another new painting; this is I'M LISTENING, a 102 x 76 cm oil painting on deep edge canvas.

I'M LISTENING - Haydn Dickenson 2023

Astute readers will recognise a significant resemblance to CONFINEMENT, one of my favourites of the recent 30 x 25 cm 'Spatial' series.

CONFINEMENT - Haydn Dickenson 2023

You may remember that a very prominent gallery has recently admired my small 'spatial' series and advised me to 'go bigger' with it. One metre tall or wide has always been a favourite size for me so I plunged in, albeit with a little trepidation at embarking on something I usually avoid like the plague – basing a new painting on a former one.

I'M LISTENING does indeed represent a transmogrification or even a metempsychosis of the former small painting, CONFINEMENT, into something markedly different. I feel quite strongly about how it is different but please, let me not put words into your mouths, dear readers! Tell me!

No July newsletter yet – sorry once again; there is really no news. My representatives' new website is nearly ready but still not quite. Once it's alive and alight there will be lots to tell. Meanwhile - no prizes for spotting bits of me all over that front page!

Have a beautiful start to what will hopefully be a long and happy summer.

Copyright Haydn Dickenson 2023

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