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Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Today I am delighted to welcome to my column the second of my Guest Writers, Petra Teršlová, from Kladno, in the Czech Republic.

I first met Petra around eight years ago, and was immediately struck by her paintings of industrial locations. I saw paintings representing other themes, for sure, but it was the industrial paintings that made the biggest impression on me.

Readers of this column and collectors of my work know that my energy in painting chiefly derives from the natural world – I am a 'country-boy' at heart! Less-known is that urban structures also fascinate me. As a hobby I collect vintage analogue (especially Russian and pre-1990 Eastern Bloc) cameras, mostly shooting on expired film; in my photography I feel strongly drawn to urban subjects, including areas of deprivation and structural degradation. To me, these apparent wastelands, tattooed with graffiti and barren but for the wild shrubs that sprout up there, hold a stark, majestic, even lyrical beauty.

I find a great lyricism in Petra's paintings of similar locations to those to which I am so attracted. In these monoliths and unloved places, Petra uncovers a gentle tranquillity; she also revels in the play of light, and I find poetry in her quietly observant treatment of the urban subjects that she chooses.

I hope you will find Petra's article below as interesting as I do. Thank you, Petra, for your contribution.


By Petra Teršlová.

When Haydn, my long-term friend whom I met in London, approached me with an offer to

contribute to his blog, I couldn't help but feel excited about this opportunity. I was absolutely thrilled by his suggestion and couldn't contain my enthusiasm at the opportunity to choose what to write about. After all, readers of this blog may not be familiar with my work or my unique perspective, so an introduction to who I am and what I do seems fitting.

Petra Teršlová in her Studio

Summer Evening, oil on canvas, © 2023 Petra Teršlová

Allow me to delve a little deeper into my dual careers as a painter and a lawyer. Throughout

my life, I have nurtured a profound passion for both the arts and the legal field. On one hand, there is the realm of colours, brushstrokes, and endless creative possibilities. Painting allows me to express my emotions, tell stories, and capture the beauty that I see in the world

around me. On the other hand, there is the realm of laws, regulations, and the complexities

of the human experience.

Balancing these two seemingly disparate careers is no small feat. It requires discipline, time-

management, and an unwavering dedication to both crafts. Some days, I find myself immersed in the vibrant palette of a canvas, letting my creativity flow freely and unrestricted. Other days, I am engrossed in the intricacies of legal documents and crafting compelling arguments. Switching between these two worlds can be challenging, yet it is a challenge I willingly embrace. At this point in my life I see myself as someone with two careers that both allow me a personal growth in different ways. On top of that, having a “day job” if you will, gives me a financial freedom and allows me to create art without the pressure of having to sell. I believe this leads to more authentic art (rather than just art I hope will sell).

Another Day, oil on canvas, © 2023 Petra Teršlová

House at a Crossroads, oil on canvas, © 2021 Petra Teršlová

I have been painting for almost ten years now. I am currently living and working in the Czech

Republic. I took up painting during my law studies at the Charles University in Prague. After

graduation from Charles University in 2014 I decided to travel to London to refine my artistic

skills at The Art Academy London, where I studied painting and drawing for two years. I also

met Haydn and joined the famous Bayswater Road Exhibition back in 2014 with him. I spent

two wonderful years in London, created new friendships and enjoyed plenty of unforgettable


As for my work, I am mostly interested in rendering the overlooked beauty of the everyday world around us. Through painting I hope to inspire the viewer to reconsider their often unnoticed surroundings and awake interest and appreciation for the mundane around them. For me, painting has the potential to make ordinary environments visible as well as to reveal some of the aesthetic potential embedded therein.

Vojtěch Steelworks II, oil on canvas,© 2023 Petra Teršlová

Vojtěch Steelworks I, oil on canvas,© 2020 Petra Teršlová

In August, oil on canvas,© 2020 Petra Teršlová

Dead End, oil on canvas, © 2023 Petra Teršlová

I often draw inspiration from my home town of Kladno – a post-socialist and post-industrial city in Central Bohemia - and its surroundings. I held my first solo exhibition titled “NON-PLACES” in Prague in October last year. The concept behind the exhibition stemmed from my fascination with spaces that often go unnoticed or underappreciated in our daily lives.

Looking back, my solo exhibition was a gratifying experience. It allowed me to share my artistic vision with the world and shed light on the unnoticed corners of our surroundings. I am grateful for the support and enthusiasm of everyone who attended and contributed to the success of the exhibition. Together, we celebrated the beauty and significance of these often-overlooked non-places.

Spirit of Housing Estate I, oil on canvas, © 2021 Petra Teršlová

Spirit of Housing Estate II,oil on canvas, © 2022 Petra Teršlová

This year I am excited to take part in the Open ART Festival in Prague - the biggest art event in the Czech Republic where more than 200 national and international artists join together to exhibit and sell their paintings, drawings and sculptures. The Open ART Fest will be held from 28th – 29th October this year. Thus, let me invite readers of this blog and anyone interested in original art to this wonderful event. You can read more about the Open ART Fest here

Because We Are Here, oil on canvas,© 2020 Petra Teršlová

Witness, oil on canvas, © 2022 Petra Teršlová

Studio of Petra Teršlová

Please feel free to view my work or contact me via any of the links below.

Copyright Petra Teršlová 2023 (main text body and images)

Copyright Haydn Dickenson 2023 (introductory five paragraphs)

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2023년 9월 26일

Enjoyed looking at your art. There is an honesty about the way you paint buildings and structures. You have turned everyday structures into art and I appreciate how you catch the light in your pictures. Thank you for sharing some of your art and for the interesting blog. Alison, UK

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