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I have been strongly advised to write about AI (Artificial Intelligence) Art. I have so far resisted, because the subject fills me with revulsion and my instinct is to shield myself as much as I can from malign energy.

The internet is currently awash with enticements for people to generate their own Artificial Intelligence Art. Today's article will be very brief but, as with a previous post, I invite your views on what is, to me, a frightening subject.

AI art seems like yet another facet of the increasingly rapid degeneration and dehumanising of society. With my romantic, intuitive and emotional artistic nature, AI Art flies in the face of all in which I believe.

AI Art is not Art.

I follow a brilliant colleague on Social Media who recently wrote, and I paraphrase:

If you are wondering about AI Art, try making a few marks on paper or canvas and see how you feel after after doing so. Then you will know that no one and nothing can replace what You do.”

Do write to me here if you feel you would like to contribute a view.

EMPOWERMENT - Haydn Dickenson (2022)

Copyright Haydn Dickenson 2023

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Unknown member
Mar 28, 2023

This is both a fantastic and frightening subject to consider, and in doing so can force us to think about what is sacred - or irreplaceable - about human beings. No matter how refined and inventive AI art may become, and indeed it seems to be progressing rapidly, I cannot imagine it will ever provoke the deeply spiritual response that is unique to humans. Humanity yearns for connection with others, communicating from the soul that which arises out of a lifetime of experience, reflection, and moral force. That precious element of a person, their individual, irreplaceable soul, could be seen to be the origin of art, expressing a myriad of emotions by means of the artist's choice of medium an…


Mar 28, 2023

What is art? Can machines or computer generated stuff be called art… maybe yes. But as humans the joy of being creative nourishes our souls. I am exploring a range of different concepts and ways of expressing myself through art. Nothing can stop me.


Unknown member
Mar 27, 2023

My initial -lighthearted - thought is that, with the proliferation of AI and robots, surely ‘they‘ are deserving of their own ‘art’ to both generate and appreciate - and so long may it remain solely in the non-human realm.

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